A Peek #BehindtheB – What makes a B-Corp, a B-Corp

Geek Girl Tech is proud to be a B-Corp every day of the year, but this March is B-Corp month so we’re giving you a peek #BehindtheB so you can learn more about what makes a B-Corp, a B-Corp!

There are so many different elements that go into being a B-Corp, and even more different ways to take action. One thing all B-Corps have in common is a shared commitment to value our workers, customers, environment, and community as much as (or more than!) our profits. 

So what are these values we care about so much? Keep reading to find out.  

Transparency and Accountability 

Our status as a B-Corp means that when we promise to be better for our people, our communities, and our planet – we really mean it. When we elect to become a B-Corp, we’re committing to a certain level of transparency, and corporate governance is there to hold us accountable to that commitment. Our B-Corp status means that any change in leadership, organizational focus, or ownership won’t change our promise to be better for our people, our communities, and our planet. 

Our People, Our Purpose

From the team we work with to the clients we do work for, we’re nothing without our people. Feedback from our clients helps shape every decision we make as an organization. We are constantly working to increase our impact and learn how we can do better to support our people – even if the best option isn’t the most profitable. 

But it doesn’t stop there. We share the same level of commitment to supporting the well-being, training, and development of our workers across all levels and departments. We would not be who we are without our people, and we do everything we can to support them personally and professionally.  


It’s not just people we care about though, without a planet – we have no business. All B-Corps are asked to monitor their waste disposal processes, water, and energy use. The results? Paying attention pays off! B-Corps are 3 times more likely to use 100% low-impact renewable energy in comparison to ordinary businesses. If that’s not a good impact, we don’t know what is. 


We care about what happens inside our business, but we care just as much about the community we live and work in. As a part of our commitment to giving back, we engage in community cleanups and other volunteer opportunities – on the clock. Making our tiny-but-mighty team part of the 2,775,000 hours of community service done by B-Corp employees over the past 15 years. 

At the end of the day…

We’re proud to be a B-Corp, and we’re proud that our commitment to taking action and supporting our people and our planet is as ingrained into our business as our passion for cybersecurity and supporting women in tech. But we’re just one of many amazing organizations that are a part of the worldwide B-Corp community. Join us and join the movement working tirelessly to fulfill the vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Get in touch with us to share your ideas and suggestions for how we can build a better world today, together. 

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