5 Unconventional Ways to Protect Your Data

This week is Data Privacy week, and we’re sharing 5 unconventional ways to protect your personal data that you might not have considered.

#1 Delete Recorded Conversations
What to do: Regularly delete any recorded conversations used by your personal assistant.
Why: There have been cases where Alexa revealed personal data to unknown persons without consent.

#2 Keep it Clean – Delete Old Files
What to do: Make sure you keep data replication to a minimum. Delete old files you don’t use.
Why: There can never be 100% security, but reducing the places that can be compromised helps lessen your risk.

#3 Be Less Social
What to do: Minimize the amount of personal data you have on social media platforms.
Why: Information like your mother’s maiden name is sometimes used to recover account logins.

#4 Keep Off the Beaten Track
What to do: Disable location tracking on each app.
Why: A recent study of almost 1 million Android phones demonstrated that apps regularly harvested tracking data.

and finally…

#5 Let Sleeping Bluetooth Lie
What to do: If you are not using Bluetooth, switch it off.
Why: Bluetooth vulnerabilities can allow data to be siphoned off your device.

Which one will you tackle this week? Let us know in the comments!

Need more ideas? Check out the infographic below!

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