You Need 2FA Yesterday

A few weeks back, we recommended two-factor authentication (2FA) as a method to protect your business and personal accounts, and we got a little pushback on our recommendation. 

The truth is 2FA isn’t bulletproof, and as experts in the security field, we understand this. If someone snatches your unprotected phone, it’s a wrap – they’ve got access to all of your personal info and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Unless you’ve got layered protection on your device. That’s where 2FA comes in swinging like Ali.

Setting the record straight, 2FA was created as an additional layer of protection for VPN, cloud services, social media, etc. It’s not a standalone solution, but there isn’t a single security solution that’s strong enough on its own anyway. You need the right tools, strategy, support, and end-user knowledge to achieve a solid security solution. You need layers, baby. And that’s why we love and recommend 2FA.

Think of 2FA like your house key – if someone steals your key and uses it to break in, you don’t blame the deadbolts, you get the security system with the loudest alarm, the ability to call the cops – all the options (layers) you can think of so it doesn’t happen again, right?

You need the same protective measures for your systems and devices. And 2FA is a simple solution – one 6-digit code can mean the difference between peace of mind and total chaos in your business and your life.

Setup is a breeze. You just need two key pieces of info – something you know (username/password) and something you have (2FA app or token). Then, store your 2FA tokens in a secure app like 1Password and use a separate key (Yubikey, Google Titan, etc.) for more protection, and you’re golden. Simple, straightforward, powerful.

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In the meantime, get that 2FA set up asap!

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