Level Up! It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month

It’s October again – meaning Cybersecurity Awareness month is back!

This month we’re partnering with Infosec to provide you with all the resources you need to make cybersecurity awareness month a success for your team.

Why Now?

October is a great time as any to help your team be prepared for cyber attacks. Did you know that from 2018-2020, ransomware attacks actually increased 30% during the holiday season? Thanksgiving is less than 2 months away!

One of the best ways to help your company is to increase your team’s awareness. So, how can you educate your team if you’re a small business?

Infosec has put together fun & free content for all small businesses this month: a toolkit, newsletter content, and even an awesome video you can share with your team (below)!

To learn more and download all the content you’ll need for this month, head to the Infosec website.

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Finally, DIY security for all.

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