6 Features We Love About 1Password

Did you know that the average person is juggling more than 100 logins at any given time? With so many usernames and passwords to keep track of, you’re bound to forget or lose a good amount of your login info.

If managing a ton of complicated passwords has been a struggle for you, we have the sanity-saving remedy that’ll make password management a breeze. You’ll be able to store all your login information in one secure location, so you never have to worry about losing, forgetting, or accidentally exposing your passwords again.

There are several great password management options out there, but they’re not all built the same. We love 1Password above the rest because of the exceptional level of security it provides. We’re talking military-grade encryption, secure data backups and cloud storage, and more. Let’s take a look at the ways 1Password helps you stay safe online.

1Password 101

1Password is a cloud-based password management app designed to store all of your login information, credit card data, and other critical info in one secure location, making it super easy to access your data from any location and on any device. And with automatic encryption, biometric authentication, and other sophisticated security features, you can expect 24/7 protection that’ll give hackers a run for their money.

It’s hard to pinpoint the best features in 1Password because it’s pretty awesome overall, but one of the best things about it is this: you only have to remember a single master password that you create. You read that right! One password to rule them all. Easy and convenient.

Other standout features include synchronization via Dropbox or Wi-Fi Sync, multi-user support, secure cloud storage and automatic backups, auto-filled forms, and one-click logins for selected sites. It’s compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android, and the 1Password browser extension works on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

The top reasons we think 1Password is the best

  • Use 1Password as an Authentication App
    Once you have 1Password installed, we recommend you use it as your primary authentication app. Not only will it directly input your password, but once you reach the page asking for your 2FA code, it will automatically drop that in too. Pretty cool huh? This saves you from having to open another app, find the code, and copy it in yourself.

  • Manage Vaults to Share Passwords With Different Teams
    Once you’re logged in, you can create multiple “vaults” or folders to manage passwords. You can give different people access to different vaults, depending on how you create them. Use these vaults to manage passwords for your different teams be it Marketing or Admin team depending on what they need access to or even different projects.

  • Seamlessly Sync Between Devices
    Use 1 Password on your desktop, your browser, or even on your phone. It’s the easiest way to manage your passwords, hands down.

  • Set Up Two-factor Authentication for Added Security
    We’ve talked about the importance of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your Instagram account, and those same principles apply to 1Password. Even if a hacker figured out your master password, they would still need to take an additional step to sign in – usually by putting in a code, fingerprint, or another factor, to authenticate. Hard to do, when the code or fingerprint (naturally) belongs to you, the account owner.

  • Use it as a Strong Password Generator
    No more racking your brain trying to come up with passwords! 1Password generates those super complex, difficult-to-crack passwords that many systems require for account security. More convenience?? Yes, please!

  • It Has Top-Rated Antivirus Protection and Encryption
    1Password’s built-in antivirus protection and encryption (256-bit AES, to be exact) prevents prying eyes from seeing any of your personal info.

Sounds great, but what’s the cost?

Pricing starts at $2.99/month for personal accounts or $19.95 for a team of up to 10 people! Not bad for one of the most popular and powerful password managers on the market. Still on the fence about giving 1Password a shot? Try it for free with a free trial and get a feel for it. You won’t regret it!

The Bottom Line

There are several password managers out there, but if you’re looking for one makes storing and remembering your login info easy and secure, go with 1Password. For a small monthly investment, you really can’t beat all of the robust features that are included within the platform.

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