Why We Love LastPass

One of our clients asked recently, “Is Lastpass really that indestructible?”

Let’s face it – nothing is indestructible, but Lastpass is an invaluable tool that eliminates many of the security risks related to passwords and allows you to focus on more important things.

Here are 5 reasons why we use and love Lastpass:

1. By using an app to store your passwords, you free your brain from the task of doing it.

2. Because you no longer need to remember passwords, you can quit using the same password (or their variants) over and over again, and let LastPass assign an actual strong random one. Double-win.

3. LastPass Password database is encrypted locally and in the cloud, and syncs with all your devices.  Wins: no more insecure post-it notes, spreadsheets, etc. Also: your passwords are with you everywhere you need them to be.

4. Use two factor authentication to secure your LP database, and optionally prompt for every use. This is pretty close to having two factor for each and every one of your passwords, including for those apps/sites that don’t support it. (What is two factor authentication?) To enable two factor authentication for LastPass, go to your: Vault -> Account Settings -> Multifactor Options.

5. LastPass pays attention to the internet hacks and compromises (remember heartbleed?), and can tell you when your password has been compromised, is weak, or in general just needs to be changed. Bonus: in some cases, Lastpass can change your password for you.

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