Are hackers phishing in your company pond?

2020 brought a lot of changes to, well… everything. But a few things didn’t change, like hackers trying to get into your systems using phishing attacks. In fact, hackers have taken advantage of the general chaos and are using COVID-related subject lines to get their targets to open and click on links in emails. 

Phishing is a serious problem for your company; you want your employees to stay informed and healthy during this pandemic, but you don’t want them to accidentally expose your company to hackers. 

How do you find out whether your employees are “phishing savvy?”  Will they immediately delete a suspicious-looking email, or will they click on a link, thinking they’re doing the right thing because that email is so cleverly disguised?

We saw a drastic increase in phishing attacks last year and expect this to be a continuing trend into the future. 

Because we see this hacking tactic so often, we’ve created a way to find out exactly how “phishing savvy” your employees are. We can send simulated phishing emails to your employees, monitor their responses, and then share the results with you.

If your employees pass, fantastic. You’re far less likely to end up with hackers crawling around inside your systems, looking for other weaknesses to exploit.

If your employees fall for the bait, we offer security awareness training with ongoing phishing training so your company can stay alert and on guard for whatever the hackers come up with next.

Find out how “phishing savvy” your employees are now. Sign up for our free phishing test here:

Fill out the form and we’ll send you instructions on how to get started ASAP. 

Then you’ll know what you’re up against from the outside, and the inside.

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