Is your password compromised? This website will tell you.

If you need yet another reason why you shouldn’t be using the same password over and over again – look no further! The website HaveIBeenPwned shows us which websites we signed up for years ago have been hacked – leaving our old password out for the taking in the world wide web.  Go ahead and visit and punch in your email address to see what comes up. 

Some common websites who’ve been hacked via HaveIBeenPwned: 

  • Canva in May 2019
  • Evite in April 2019 
  • CafePress in February 2019 
  • 500px in 2018 
  • LinkedIn in May 2016 
  • Tumblr in 2013
  • Dropbox in 2012 

What does this mean for me?

Most likely, your password has been compromised for all of the websites that show up on Hackers can then use your email address + password to try on other websites. You should immediately change these passwords and make sure you aren’t using them anywhere else. But more importantly:

  1. Don’t use the same password for multiple sites, even if it’s a secure password
  2. Use a password manager, such as LastPass, to auto-generate strong, secure passwords and keep them safe for you. 
  3. It’s not uncommon for companies to get breached – always use a new password when signing up for accounts. 

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