We Make Security Our Business

After 15 years in the world of tech, I came to know all too well the challenges that companies – big and small – are up against when it comes to protecting their networks. Small businesses typically do not have their own security-minded IT support. They are limited in resources, staff, and experience. This is why we started Geek Girl Tech eight years ago: to educate and enable small businesses to protect their networks and thrive.

As we’ve grown, we’ve come to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of our role in the world and the impact we could have on it. We are inspired by the movement to use business as a force for good. As a result, we are committed to creating opportunities for underrepresented groups and are looking forward to providing services with more socially conscious companies.

We have big plans for 2018. We are now officially registered as a Public Benefit Corporation and are working towards our B Corp Certification. We hope to inspire other companies to prioritize socially responsible business practices and to to put people before profits. We are building a community of awareness and action around information security for small and socially conscious businesses.

We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure. We look forward to sharing more of what 2018 will bring for Geek Girl Tech community. Keep in touch with us on FacebookTwitter, and via our newsletter.

Interested in working with us as a customer or a collaborator, or in joining our crusade? Email us at [email protected] to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jenn Diesi &
The Geek Girl Team

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